Friday, June 24, 2011

Nothing for Miles on Amtrak train...

Chicago bound and bored. Nineteen whole hours. Can you believe it!? Yeah... this is my second time doing this trip and NO it doesn't get better the more you do it. I've read two kindle books. Facebook stalked and twittered. Ate two lunchables. A cookie. A bottle of apple juice, and corn flake chips. I've come up with a full synopsis and story line for two books that as soon as I get my hands on a laptop will start writing my ideas. That is.. after I finish what I've started. Wish I had more bloggers and followers chatting with me.... wah.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New York and Trains

So I'm currently on a train from Long Island to Penn Station and I was just thinking about the older days when people had to walk or ride carriages or horses everywhere. . . Like I don't think I would have ever wanted to travel anywhere at all... BTW if anyone is ever in NYC don't compare the subways to the LIR. Unlike the subway, these trains are clean and pretty decent looking. They even have bathrooms! Not that I would ever use one. I always dread going from queens to brooklyn or manhatten having to take the dang dirty subway.... have u seen those underground tunnels. Scary....

Chicago trains are much cleaner...hmm

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: My Blood Approves series

Title- My Blood Approves, Fate, Flutter, Wisdom
Author- Amanda Hocking
Description- A girl from an unstable home with a party girl best friend named Alice meets Jack who appeals to everyone but her and drives people nuts with his apparent "great" looks. She doesn't see it though but still becomes great friends with him and notices she is very comfortable with him. And when she is introduced to his "brother" Peter she finds out why. Because Peter calls to her like no other guy. In four books this easy read follows Alice and the family of vampires she becomes a part of through love, betrayal, adventure, and trust.
Rating- 3/5
Comments- Because this was the author's first book series it isn't that well written and sometimes Alice can get annoying because it drags on with too much of regular life and what not. Despite that it's a great easy read! Cute vampire fic with enough romantic little scenes to keep you reading. Good YA story!


Nikki Reed as Nirvana Abbat!

Tyler Hoechlin as Jayden Hawthorne!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Waiting on my Editor.

-The down side of hiring a friend or close one as your editor or agent: They have too much confidence.
Lauren a good friend of mine and my editor has had my manuscript for about a week or so. I emailed it to her saying hey read this and look over it quickly then send it back. No email back. And on top of that she has the confidence to ignore my calls,texts, and emails. Lauren if you are reading this, Send me my manuscript!!
On the other hand. My very first book is going to be available in about two weeks. Problem is, it isn't under my name.(For reasons that I cant disclose. It's inappropriate,let's say.) So if you happen to catch your eye on a strange title with a weird authors name. *Just buy it!

Review: Hex, a Witch and Angel tale!

 Title-Hex, a Witch and Angel tale!
Author- Ramona Wray
Description: A girl who is basically a weirdo and a school outcast get's asked out by the mysterious and very hot new guy from school. She falls madly in love with him very fast and the way he acts it's as if he already knew her. Then another hot new guy get's added to the mix and there is a world of trouble!
Comments- This book caught my eye because for about a year now I've been struggling to write a good book about death and soulmates and what not. This is a great read if you believe in never dying love and of course love triangles. Call it cliche, but these type of stories with the whole supernatural element to the mix are my favorite.Ramona Wray is a wonderful author and she catches the main character's emotion really well.

Losing My Mind

I've been writing so much, especially in third-person point of view that as I go throughout my day when I am not writing, I walk around narrating my life in my head. Have I gone completely insane? Maybe, I need to lay off writing for a bit once my book is published