Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bookworm Trouble

Some of my Books <3

Over the years I must admit I have steered clear of libraries-No-I haven't not been in one before. 
But, I have rarely borrowed a book. Not only do I enjoy reading, I love the look, smell, and feel of a book in my hand,The feeling of accomplishment towards the turn of each page as I near the end- the title in my collection. Thus, my obsession has led me to a minor dilemma. That of which involves space. 

It's moving time for me, finally venturing out on my own with my beloved. Leaving my large home with all the space necessary to hold my many belongings, because I must admit I had been very spoiled as a child. AND I don't know where in the world I am going to put ALL of my books in our one bedroom apartment and or two, depending on base housing availabilty. You may be thinking she cannot possibly own that many books. You're wrong. AND I have also failed to mention my wardrobe. NOT including shoes, purses, and accesories.

I'm thinking of taking over my husband's closet and telling him to keep his clothes in some type of wardrobe so I can fit my collection and continue adding to it.

Because well, I love books. More than his need of space.

What shall I do?


  1. (1)You can donate it to your local library so you can share your love of books with other bookworms like us; (2) You can sell it online or (3) have a second hand bookstore do it for you; (4) trade it and my favorite (5) give it away here on your site. lol but dang, your collection looks good. I love the smell of books too esp if it's new, the crisp pages and unbroken spines... sigh! Better get that library card or a nook/kindle

  2. All really great ideas! The Giveaway thing may work, I'm not sure how many readers would accept the fact they're used, but my books are almost in mind-condition.
    Thanks for the advice =]

  3. I wouldn't mind, a book is a book. looking at your stack it looks like it's fresh off the press ;)

  4. Hahaha ok =] I'll try and hold my first one by the end of this week. Now which book to choose first..hmmm