Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cover Contest! (Help me!)

Nirvana is 90% FINISHED! All that is left is a bit more editing. (I like to have my work reviewed like a billion times) And of course, A COVER!  So please help me by voting on these images, I haven't purchased any of them yet because I'd like your opinions first!

                                   Image 6- Black dead rose in the middle of portrait.

' Image Five: Girl on tomb looking as if about to be sacrificed by guys. ( My Favorite)

Image One:
A large estate somewhere in the U.K.

Image Two: Girl wearing black robe looking down sadly. 

Image Three: Girl wearing black veil over her face.


Image Four: Egyptian girl looking down sadly. 

Comment with the image that you like and why. Voting will end August 1, 2011.


  1. NOTE:IMAGE ONE IS THE ESTATE. I don't really know how to fix it, blogger has been annoying with pic posts lately.

  2. if I can vote for two of them, then I would say 3 or 5. But, I'm thinking I like 3 a bit more though, less busy yet still gorgeous. [:

    Erin @ Let's Evaluate

  3. AHHHH, I love them all this is so hard to choose! Thanks for the votes lol!

  4. After reading the book summary I'd say #3 or #4. For #4 I like the makeup but maybe lose the head dress.

  5. Three is winning so far! Thanks for voting, it really is hard to choose.

  6. I think I like number 5 with the girl in the tomb. It's dark but gorgeous and I want to know what she's doing down there all by herself:)

  7. Hey Natalie! I just read the synopsis for your book and it sounds awesome! I'd love to read it when you get it finished.

    As for the images, I like 3 & 6 the best.


  8. Thanks Sophie! And once I have a few printed copies available on hand I will be sending them to all the blogs I follow. Hopefully you all can review it and tell me what you think =]

  9. Ooooh, I was really voting for image #5, but I read the summary and I think image #2 really fits. So #2 for me. I like all the images, but that one really does it for me with the description and all. Great post hon :)

  10. =]

    Loving the votes coming along.
    For those of you who have not voted, before you do so I suggest you take a look at the Excerpt of Nirvana I have posted and then tell me what you think!