Monday, July 11, 2011

For my Love!

-Wrote this the night before my love left for boot camp just so he could have a reminder of all the many reasons I LOVE HIM!  Wanted to share it:


  I LOVE…..

  1. All of your tiny and even large scars. Because your imperfections are beautiful.
  2. How you made me yours no matter what anyone said about me.
  3. How you never made fun of me for being nerdy or strange.
  4. How you treat me with such care.
  5. How sometimes you’re a Jew.
  6. How you used to play world of war craft.
  7. How you would wake up early in the morning to drive me to school.
  8. How you NEVER give up on me. Or on US.
  9. How you believe in me.
  10. How you can barely ever say NO to me.
  11. How when you do, its for a good reason.
  12. How my mom loves you.
  13. How my brother adores you.
  14. How Jacob wiggles when he sees you.
  15. How you always want me to be happy.
  16. How I never want to see you hurt.
  17. How I will always miss you, even if your right by my side.
  18. How you still ride a bicycle and enjoy it.
  19. How your still with me despite my “laziness.”
  20. How you don’t want other guys to talk to me.
  21. How we both know we are going to be together forever.
  22. How everyone knows you.
  23. How somehow you know everyone.
  24. How you will not be drinking ever again!
  25. How you chased me around for months.
  26. The way you say you “played hard to get” in the beginning.
  27. The way you always introduce me as your girlfriend.
  28. The way you always defend me.
  29. The way you always want to protect me.
  30. The way you love your family.
  31. The way you respect your family.
  32. The freckles on your shoulders.
  33. The freckles speckled across your face.
  34. The way you include me in your future.
  35. The way you inspire me to write.
  36. The children we will one day have.
  37. The wedding we will one day plan.
  38. The home we will one day make.
  39. The way you love me.
  40. That your going to be a navy man. My navy man!
  41. That we are so comfortable around each other.
  42. Your charm.
  43. Your sensitivity.
  44. Your passion.
  45. Your discipline.
  46. Your responsibility.
  47. Your yearn to be successful.
  48. Your smile.
  49. Your baby face.
  50. Your cutely large ears.
  51. Your olive colored eyes.
  52. Your name because it begins with a J.
  53. Your loyalty to your friends and family.
  54. Your strength.
  55. Your body.
  56. Your bad jokes.
  57. Your farmer’s tan in the summers.
  58. Your naturally brown hair.
  59. Your “wing” when you first wake up.
  60. Your stupid tiny JC tattoo.
  61. Your manners.
  62. Your voice.
  63. Your sometimes odd taste in music.
  64. Your really old creaky black ford explorer, which I miss.
  65. Your sometimes jealous nature.
  66. Your goofy laugh.
  67. Your energy.
  68. When you tell me to call you daddy.
  69. When you act silly.
  70. When you cry in sad movies.
  71. When you jump in scary movies.
  72. When you take care of me when I’m sick.
  73. When you cuddle with me.
  74. When you make me tea.
  75. When you make me lemonade.
  76. When you tell me to make you food.
  77. When you help me clean my room.
  78. When you tell me stories.
  79. When you cry on my shoulder.
  80. When you let me cry on your shoulder.
  81. When you hold me.
  82. When you don’t want to let me go.
  83. When you refuse to let me walk away.
  84. When you surprise me with something special.
  85. When we bum on the couch.
  86. When we take naps.
  87. When we fight, then immediately make-up.
  88. When you get upset and your nostrils flare, and then I make you laugh.
  89. When your chasing Jacob because he took something of yours.
  90. When you know what I’m thinking before I even say it.
  91. When you tell me everything.
  92. When you share your secrets.
  93. When we talk about when were old and wrinkly.
  94. When we fight over what pet were going to get.
  95. When you make fun of my angry face and scrunch up your face.
  96. When you get offended when I’m not in the “mood.”
  97. When you always try to make me feel better.
  98. When we make our pinky/kiss promises.
  99. When we keep those promises.
  100. And most of all I love how I love you. That I promise.


  1. WOW! He's so cute and your current post is just so sweet. Awww shucks!