Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pinky Promise?

Story blog event beginning on Tuesday!

Title: Pinky Promise?
Author:Natalie Valdes (Me)
Genre-YA Supernatural Romance

 Losing someone is one of the hardest things imaginable, for Jaylynn-first it was her father-and then it was him.
The one that had been her first love, the one that had given her the highest hopes towards a wonderful future together, forever. 
He, who had promised her he would never leave her just as her father had. Jace, the war hero. High School senior, Jaylynn doesn't know how to cope with this new loss, and when Jagger-a boy that reminds her entirely too much of Jace enters her world- trouble will brew as secrets and mysteries are unraveled.


  1. Is this a new book you're working on?

  2. It's a book I already started writing yes, but I will just be publishing it on here. For all of you =]

  3. Love the music and the book looks interesting!

  4. Thank you! Hope you come back to read it =]