Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: Sarah of the Moon by Randy Mixter

 Title: Sarah Of The Moon

Author: Randy Mixter

Website Description-
      The Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco in 1967. Alex Conley, a part-time writer for a Baltimore newspaper, is dispatched to chronicle the events occurring there. It is June of 1967, and the summer of love is in full swing. Alone, in this strange and magical place, he meets a girl named Sarah, a free spirit who is as mysterious as she is beautiful.What are the secrets of her past? Why does she dance each night under the light of the moon? These are just a few of the puzzles Alex needs to solve in the short time he has in that city.Then there’s another complication. He is beginning to fall deeply in love with her.

Main Character: Alex, eighteen year old male. Working part-time to be able to eventually head off to college. Lived during an era where most young men we're drafted for the Vietnam war.

Favorite quotes- 

 "Shoes are the burden of the working man. The freeness of bare feet in the grass cannot be overestimated"

"Let the day flow into the night on it's own accord. That is the natural way of things. Step out of the world out of time and into the world of magic." 


-At first glance, I honestly thought this was going to be one of those sappy romance novels.AND I was wrong, it is FAR MORE than that. It's most likely because the description and the cover doesn't give the book the justice it truly deserves.(Some Hipster Chick, would be cool)

After the first two chapters, I was sucked in and couldn't put it down. Alex, the eighteen year old part-timer for a paper interested me. Why? Well, the era. Hippies are something I never read about before, and other than listening to the Beatles on occasion and watching their Hollywood true stories, I didn't know anything about that time period. And neither did Alex, a kid from a strict military family...until...(Readit) It made me think about where I would be at eighteen during the 1960's and if I'd be a bare foot walking flower child? My heart cried out for the main character, all I wanted was for him to have his happy ending. And that's saying something that I instantly fell in love with him. In the end I found myself wishing that there we're still more hippies, that there we're still people like that everywhere. Quite possibly I'm sure there could be, but that era in itself is gone. Which makes me incredibly sad, because their culture is one I could perfectly understand. Especially during these times.

 -Drug use (It's the 60s)

-Tears to Come


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