Indie Authors only.

People don't give independent authors enough credit. It's hard out there, and some people like me are afraid of those big bad companies taking advantage of you. So why not start small, get closer to your fans, and do all the work yourself. You get a better feeling of fulfillment anyways. 
Note: I read mostly YA novels, but am willing to make exceptions. I ALSO enjoy supernatural and vampire fictions.

-I also hold giveaways, character, and author interviews at request of author.

For a long and HONEST review on your work please fill out this form:

Once I get back to you all you have to do is E-mail me at the titles of your books or your story in PDF form, or mail me a copy, and I will gladly post a review on my blog!

*If your title is an e-book and the price is low, I'll buy it!

(Remember, I am going to be COMPLETELY HONEST)

How I review:

-The cover is beautiful and eye catching. The synopsis is intriguing. The story itself is well written and interesting. The characters are characters you WANT to keep reading about. I don't want it to ever end!

-Minus one of the above description.

-Minus two

-Minus Three

-Author might as well give up writing and people should never read this book. Minus 4.

Where I Review
-My Blog
-Anywhere else you would like me to.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Disclosure:

I am not being paid or forced to review anyone's work. The books I review are my choice. If an author wishes to send me a copy of their work it is up to them. Most authors send me pdf files which I then delete. If I enjoy the book I buy a physical copy. 


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